The Idavation™ awards are the following: Mt. Borah Visionary Leader; Peregrin Innovative Technology; and Hells Canyon Emerging Company. The awards are presented by Scoggin Capital Investment. 

Please cast your vote below for the Winner of each award.

Mt. Borah Visionary Leader

Mt. Borah is the highest peak in Idaho with inspiring views in all directions. This award is granted to a leader that has expanded the horizons of Idaho’s technology and entrepreneurial community.

Peregrine Innovative Technology

The Peregrine Falcon is extremely agile and flies at speeds up to 242 mph. This award is granted to a company or team that has created an innovative technology, which often requires agility and speed to bring this technology to market.

Hells Canyon Emerging Company Award

Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon in the United States and presents a daunting journey for those who wish to travel through and emerge from the canyon. This award is granted to a startup that has experienced a similar journey of hardship and sacrifice to achieve success.